Our clinic team includes an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, who has the qualification and experience required for performing all the outpatient operations in that area. The said specialist provides the following services and performs the following procedures:

  • Extractions
  • Wisdom teeth removal or the surgical removal of partly and completely unerupted teeth
  • Surgical treatment of periodontitis
  • Cyst removal and dental root resections
  • Uncovering teeth in the course of orthodontic treatment (uncovering non-incised teeth from mucous membrane)
  • Lip and lingual frenulum operations
  • Removal of benign tumours
  • Preparations for making prostheses
  • Installation of implants (using Straumann and Dentsply Ankylos systems)
  • Bone and soft tissue operations
  • Raising the maxillary base with implants 

Kaarli Hambapolikliinik OÜ has a contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. The Fund pays for the dental treatment and surgical procedures of children of up to 19 years of age.