implantaatDental implants are the most modern, aesthetic and safe way to replace missing teeth. This method entails the installation of an artificial titanium root, or the dental implant in the jawbone, after the ossification of which a metal ceramic or ceramic crown is made. The installation of an implant is a painless procedure performed with local anaesthesia.

If several adjacent teeth are missing, only some of them can be replaced by implants; a dental bridge must be created in between. If all of the teeth are missing in a jawbone, six implants can generally be installed, which support a dental bridge replacing all the teeth.

Implants can also support removable prostheses. In such case, four implants generally have to be installed. Implants are very useful particularly in fixing the lower prosthesis, while also preventing the further receding of the jawbone.

It is recommended to turn to a doctor for the installation of an implant as soon as possible after the removal of a tooth, because bone loss occurs over time and the remaining teeth shift towards the defect, making treatment more complicated. At the same time, it is generally still possible to replace teeth that have been removed years ago.

Kaarli Hambapolikliinik OÜ installs dental implants since 1999. We use implant systems from Ankylos, Straumann and Xive. Depending on the system, the total cost of an implant and the supported crown amounts from 1,350 to 1,750 EUR. If the installation of an implant requires extra artificial bone or other additional procedures, the cost of those will be added.

Implantologists: Kristin Räst-KallioDagmar Marandi, Triin Piikov, Raul Vallaste