The replacement of missing teeth or parts thereof with dentures fabricated at the dental laboratory. Patients are cared for by a team consisting of a dentist, an assistant and a dental technician. The dental laboratory and the clinic are located in the same building, which ensures close and efficient cooperation at every stage of work.

Our clinic provides:

  • Dental crowns and bridges made of various materials and using various technologies – e.g. fully ceramic crowns for zirconium caps, metal ceramic work for CAD/CAM-cut caps, long-term composite crowns
  • Removable dentures– e.g. partial and full dentures, removable support dentures
  • Combined dentures– e.g. removable dentures locked onto metal ceramic crowns and removable dentures fixed on telescopic crowns
  • Inlays and laminates – e.g. we make aesthetic individual laminates without prior dental polishing
  • Implants and dentures for implants
  • Occlusal caps, mouth protection devices for athletes, teeth whitening caps 

At Kaarli Hambapolikliinik OÜ we always strive to find the optimum solution for every patient.