Terms for custom work

Crown and bridge work
Ceramic crown, laminate, inlay 5 working days
Metal ceramic crown 5 working days
Ceramic bridges 7 working days
Metal ceramic bridges 7 working days
Bridge framework 4 working days
Ceramic firing 3 working days
Major bridge work as agreed
Dental pin 2 working days
Removable prostheses
Dental impression 1 working day
Occlusion 1 working day
Construction and casting of prostheses framework + occlusion 5 working days
Trial on teeth 2 working days
Completion 2 working days
Full and partial acrylic prostheses 6 working days
Prosthesis repair 1 working day
Re-basing 1 working day
Complicated repairs as agreed
Orthodontic work 2-3 working days
Splints, whitening caps 1 working day
Complicated work as agreed
Combined prostheses as agreed
Urgent work is understood to mean work performed faster than the completion terms provided in the table.
The prices for urgent work are + 50% to 100%..
Working day – an 8-hour working period at the laboratory from 9:00 to 17:00.
The completion time does not include transport time.